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Child Support and Passport

Voorhees, NJ |

my husband who lives in New Jersey has a problem with child support and owes $7,000. We were married last year and he wants to come and live with me in the UK. (I am UK citizen). He lost his job 6 months ago and has been finding it difficult to get a new one. We contacted the state about his arrears, they say he has to get it down to $2,500 before he can get his passport to travel. We are stuck because without a job he cant get it down. Is there a way throuh this?

I will sponser him in the UK as i have a good job, also my friend here has a job for him in the UK. We just dont know which way to go and need some help

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I am assuming that the child support is for another woman's child. You and your husband need to know the UK and the US are bothj signatories to the Hague convention meaning both countries honor each other's court orders. The only way out of this is to send $5,000 to the court which ordered the amount, If your husband fails to do this, his right to a passport may be revoked, and if he does go to England and has failed to pay the support he will be deported if not jailed. England will also enforce any American order against him while he is there.
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You may be able to file a motion for relief, particularly if your friend can attest to the job waiting for him in the U.K. This will take some special handling. I am an English solicitor as well as a New Jersey family I'm familiar with these kinds of international support issues. I live in Voorhees too. So feel free to call me. -- (856) 768-7900. -- Mark S. Guralnick

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