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Child support

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Child support for my child is fixed at 17% weekly. My question is if its father gets bonus in this season will there be a share in that as well. Can maintainance be paid through child support collection unit?

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The support order is for a specific amount per week. As a result, additional money will not be deducted from the father's bonus check.

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Generally child support is fixed until either party seeks a modification. Regular bonuses are typically factored into the non-custodial parent's income in determining support. You may have child support paid through the CSCU if he has been delinquent in the past. You will need to make an application thought the family court.

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Were you married to the child's father? If so, review the Final Separation Agreement to see if you are entitled to a share of the bonus.


Bonuses count as income in the year that they are earned. If you have an existing child support order, then you may seek an upward modification, it is best to consult with an experienced family law lawyer before filing a petition.

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No, you will not benefit if he gets a bonus unless your support order indicates that you are entitled to a share of his bonuses. In the future, if you want to share in the bonus, you must file a modification petition alleging that there has been a substantial, unanticipated and unreasonable change of circumstances since the date of the last Order, or that your child's needs are not currently being met by the present support obligation.

Maintenance can be paid through the child support collection unit, so long as the agreement/judgment indicates that it can be paid through the SCU or if your former spouse defaults in payments and you seek enforcement.

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