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Child Support, what should I do?

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I went through a divorce. My ex wife moved out of state with my child. The only way I had contact with her was by a telephone number. My ex wife and I got into a fight and i deleted her telephone number. She said she never wants to talk to me again. Since I deleted her telephone number I can not get a hold of her to pay the child support. Its been two months now, I dont know were she lives or how to get a hold of her. But I still owe the child support. I dont know what to do. Can i get into trouble if my wife is purposely not accepting the child support? I dont want to owe back child support and go to jail. Thats what she wants. What should i do?

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If DSCC is involved, pay them. If not, look at the last order. Mail the check to her at the address in the order, or at her address in the pleading title (or her attorney). If she put in a change of address it will go her. Ask the family law facilitator if there is any local rule covering this. In sum, do whatever you can possibly do to pay her, and don't play any games. Save you proof. If you do that, then you it would be hard for a Court to hold you in contempt for willful failure to pay.


In addition to the above, you could elect to open a case with DCSS if after all the above attempts to pay are unsuccessful. Now this does open you up to the machine that is DCSS but they can formally pay for you and keep records of it.
In addition, during the time that you are unable to provide the child support, I would suggest opening up a new and separate bank account to hold any payments, so that you can easily provide any back support that you just could not get to your ex-wife before you straighten all this out.
Finally, you might want to check with your local Family Law Specialist about any other options available to you in your area.
Good Luck!

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