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Child Support, City Taxes and High Support for Income

Chardon, OH |

I am appealing for custody of my son and had some questions about the child support. I am working part time and they took $70 out of my last check and I got $47-think they said they can take 55-65% of my pay where I am barely able to pay my bills as it is. And when evaluating the order they gave my ex a credit for city tax for the year even though he is unemployed and the supervisor did not give me the credit even though he seen it on my paystubs that it was being taken out since my company is based out of another state. Can they count city tax for him and why not me? And I have a daughter and $200 a month when I am making $600-800 is a lot and feel I won't be able to able to pay my bills-is there any kind of clause if you are below the poverty line to try to get it modified? Please help

How does this work with taxes too-is it 55 or 65% after or before taxes? I just increased my withholding as they were hardly taking anything out for federal so I need to be able to pay my bills and see what to do to lower this and plus apparently they will give him more of my check than me and he's unemployed :(

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Since no one has responded to you on this web site yet, I suggest that you call the nearest Legal Aid Society which is in Painesville at (440) 352-6200.