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Child support and alimony

Newark, NJ |

i have 4 kids we divorced 2 of the kids 18 and more the other 9 and 12 under the agreement she has the phisycal custody and i have to pay 1000/month my ex is math teacher she make 1000/week i am car salesman i make 700/week now the question is can i get the phisycal custody or am i entitled for alimony my marriage was lasted for 18 years

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The information you seek is going to require more facts and may I suggest you consult with an attorney in your area. You can try to sek a change in the physical custody but unles there is a substantial change in the circumstances as to why your ex-wife should not be the primary custodial parent your application will most likely fail. As to alimony, the terms of your "agreement" will control. If there was a voluntary waiver then you may not be entitled to alimony. If the "agreement" was silent as to alimony, then if you can show a change in circumstances as to why you should now be entitled to alimony you may be successful.

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: The response to the question posted is not legal advice and it does not create an attorney-client relationship. The response is intended as general information based upon the facts stated in the question, and is provided for educational purposes of the public, not any specific individual. The response given is based upon the limited facts provided by the person asking the question. To the extent additional or different facts exist, the response might possibly change. Responses are based solely upon New Jersey law.


I would need to review your agreement and/or judgment to properly evaluate your questions. Child support does not have anything to do with alimony or residential custody determinations.

My office is offering free legal consultations during the month of January. Feel free to call to make an appointment.


I join with the other responses. Your questions are just too broad for a Q&A board. Every issue you're raising has a "fact specific" response to it. Suggest getting a consult with a Family Law attorney who can review it with you.

IF YOU LIKE THIS ANSWER AND APPRECIATE THE TIME IT TOOK TO WRITE IT, PLEASE SELECT IT AS "BEST ANSWER." Thanks. The above is said without seeing your case file and without my understanding the entirety of the facts of your case. Depending on those facts, the above information be may incomplete or may be completely inaccurate. The above is intended as general information only based on what you described and not as legal advice. I advise you to consult with counsel who may be able to provide better information commensurate with a better understanding of your situation.


Your question is complex and I do not have all of the information to give you a definitive answer. However, ifi you are already divorced and you did not get alimony, it is probably too late to get alimony now. If you believe that the child support is unfair, you may be able to ask the court for a reduction. While I believe you need a lawyer's help, you can file a complaint to reduce child support by going down to the court house. Bring all of your financial records with you on the day of the hearing: income tax returns (3 years), 3 recent pay stubs,

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