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Child Support - Templates for discovery?

Virginia Beach, VA |

I need to do discovery. I know about requests for production documents and interrogatories, because I've received them from the opposition. Do any of you know a good resource for finding templates and suggestions?

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In addition to Ms. Farser's suggstions, you can also use the Interrogatories and Request for Production of Documents that you received from opposing counsel as a "template" of sorts. While there may be some very specific questions or requests that are particularly geared toward you that you know would not apply to the other party (so you should omit those), most of the standard discovery requests questions for a child support case were probably included in the requests that you received.

Also, while you are at the law library, I would recommend that you read (and photocopy for future case reference) the following sections from the Code of Virginia (1950), as amended:

1. Rules of the Virginia Supreme Court (Rules 4:0 through 4:15)
2. Section 8.01-270 through 8.01-284 & 8.01-314 (dealing with pleadings, motions, and service on attorney of record in civil cases)
3. Section 8.01-385 through 8.01-420.5 (regarding evidence in civil cases)
4. Section 20-108.1 and 20-108.2 (regarding child support determinations, definitions of income, and how to calculate guideline child support)

While you can find the current text of each of the foregoing rules and statutes for free on Virginina's Legislative Services website, the actual print editions of the Code of Virginia ae annotated (which means that each section includes notes of applicable cases that have interpreted or cited that particular code section and this can be an invaluable research aid for understanding the statute, as well as resource to case authority to cite in support of your argument as to how the statute does or does not apply to your case).

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Mary Katherine Brown

Mary Katherine Brown


As usual, Attorney Mandell has given an excellent answer!



She's a gift!


Go to one of the local Law Libraries (check your Blue-Pages governmental directory, or contact the local Virginia-Beach Bar Association). Also, if there is a law school near you, check to see what their policies are about permitting non-students access to their forms section. There is an excellent production by the Virginia Continuing Legal Education Foundation called "Civil Discovery"- there is also another on Divorce in Virginia-
Good luck.

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