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Child services took my kids based on lies.

Fairfield, OH |

Child services conducted a investigation on us starting on on 4/8/2013. They said they were told by the school that the kids stated that they were beaten with an extention cord and they had cuts on them. On 4/10/2013 child services came to our home and checked the kids for cuts and bruises. They didnt find anything. on 9/5/2013 me and my girlfriend had a fight. the police were called and i was arrested for dv.Child services found out and filed for custody. They told lies in the court report that I can prove because the home visit papers they left us contradicts what the court report says. after I showed the court the papers they threw out the alleged abuse and alleged substance abuse but said the domestic violence was enough to keep the kids. Can I sue them because they used lies?

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Suing them is not the answer. I am assuming there is a case in your local juvenile court. Get an attorney (one can be appointed to you if your are eligible) and fight the abuse case. If you are a parent you have constitutional rights and the govt cannot take your kids away without proving the matter asserted by child services. In addition, if you have not already pled guilty, get an atty for your DV case. These charges are serious and we never agree to plead to that unless they change it to disorderly conduct or something else.

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