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Child protective services false allegation

Brawley, CA |

Hi i am a parent and somene called C.P.S and made claims of neglect and other complaints, As soon as i was contacted i did everything the social worker asked including a walkthrogh of my home and all claims were deemed unfounded by the social worker. Well ok my question is how can i find out who called them and can i bring charges against them for false allegations, any help would be appreciated.

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A. The identity of the informant is probably confidential.

B. The fact that the claims were found to be "unfounded" does not, by itself, get you the ability to sue anyone for making a "false" accusation, just as a "not guilty" verdict in a criminal case doesn't mean that a jury found a defendant factually innocent. It simply means that the investigator did not find enough EVIDENCE of abuse, neglect, etc., to support taking any further steps.

Even if you somehow find out who the informant is, you'll need to prove that they not only made factually false allegations, but they made them knowing that they were factually false.

...and of course, if you hire a lawyer, AND go to trial, AND prove all this, AND get a jury verdict against the informant, you'll have to collect it, which may be difficult unless you have some reason to think the accusation was made by a wealthy person. There's no insurance coverage for this.



When your a parent is this situation, it's not about the money. It's about clearing your name, finding the other person guilty and getting your kids back.

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