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Child Endangerment?

Woodstock, GA |

My sister was arrested in September of 2008 for DUI drugs, DUI child endangerment (driving with her 2 year old in the car the child was in a car seat but not strapped in.
Possession of a controlled substance,&failure to maintain lane, no valid registration, expired tag. She also had a bottle of urine in the car. She went to jail for about 5 day's she was allowed to sign herself out of jail and they gave her back her driver's license stating that when she goes to court that she may have to surrender it back to them. She was on probation for a similar offense in Cobb county. This court hearing has been postponed 4 times because her lawyer who is a magistrate judge also had other commitments. How long can they continue to delay this, and what will be the likely outcome or judgment?

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Attorney answers 2


From time to time lawyers have a private practice in addition to serving as public officers. It is typical for an attorney to have several different courts that they must appear on the same day. Georgia lawyers are bound by the Uniform Rules of the Superior Court. Under these rules lawyers have a priority of courts in which they must attend. An example would be criminal takes precedent over civil. Older criminal cases in one county would take priority over newer cases in another and so and and so forth. I would suggest contacting your attorney and asking him to give you an idea when the matter can be heard.


the case can be continued as many times as the trial court allows. imho it sounds like there should be no hurry to get to court. have you considered treatment for your sister, the court will be pleased if your sister has used this time wisely to correct any issues.