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Child custody/Guardianship/Family law for my case to "Term. Guardianship".

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My spouse & I are going to retain a lawyer Tuesday. We are going to refile a petition to "terminate guardianship". My question is . What should I ask our lawyer to do for us beside asking for court ordered scheduled visits. In case our petition gets denied. We have completed all that was asked of the courts since we originally filed. We need the courts to realize that the ward does not live with the court appointed guardian. She lives with some one the courts deemed unfit and denied guardianship to on 2 different occasions. That the ward was taken out of the state, since returned, & is a convicted felon.
I'm sure the guardian will say that the ward does live with her which is a lie. She does not claim her on federal taxes, the unfit person does. Do we have a right to discover the truth?

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yes, you have an absolute right to the truth if you think the ward is lying then gather evidence of where he or she lives that will help. take care.

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I worded one statement wrong, the ward is not the felon. She is living w/ a felon,that the courts said no to 2x's. The court appointed guardian (wards half-sister) will lie as to where our daughter lives. The biological parents (us) are trying to get our daughter back. All we know is where she (ward) goes to school. Are there any points as to what I should ask of my lawyer? Thank you


Sounds like you have an attorney. If you don't have faith in your attorney, and more important, if your attorney does not practice regularly in guardianship court, you need a new attorney. Hiring a private investigator might be an option. Other discovery can be done. The parental preference is strong in guardianship court. If you are fit, it is difficult for you NOT to be able to terminate a guardianship.


You will need to prove each and every one of your allegations above. If you are retaining counsel, follow their advice. And Ms. Kunin is right that you will want to make sure the lawyer you are retaining is experienced in guardianship court. There are many attorneys who practice on a regular basis in this area of law. I am not one of them. I think Ms. Kunin is one of them.

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