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Child criminal laws

San Francisco, CA |

my daughter was committed of a crime at age 15yrs old, she was accused of hitting a 12yr old girl, and "taking the girls cell phone". this all happened near my daughters school. i was not given a call until my child had been arrested; the school never called me they just took my child to juvenile. and she's still being forced to serve time in a group home. was this legal?

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I would hire an attorney for your daughter. They did not need to call you before arresting your daugther.


Your daughter needs a qualified criminal defense attorney. It appears if she is being charged with a robbery (Pen. Code 211) - which is felony charge. There may be defenses available to her that could result in the case being dismissed - or at least the charge reduced to a grand theft from a person (Pen. Code 487(c)), which is a much less serious charge on her record.


Apparently the case is over. The prosecutor's petition against her was upheld and she has been sentenced. Isn't it a bit late to be seeking legal advice?


You could possibly explore this with an attorney. Based on what you have provided, it would appear that you should have been notified before the arrest. Good Luck!