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Chief judge is my judge and he is impartial - what do I do?

Orlando, FL |

How can I work around Chief Judge in a case when he has verbally abused me in open court and I'm innocent, and I have posted stuff on the web about his threats and legal aid won't help me. what do I do?

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I doubt very much that posting on the internet inflammatory information about a judge is going to endear him to you. If you don't have an attorney, now would be the time to procure one -- it will at least provide a buffer between you and the judge.

Good luck to you.

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I agree with my colleague that publicly criticizing a judge is very unwise. It's like pikcing a fight with a publisher - they always get the last word and can do a lot more damage to you than you can to them.

As far as courtroom activity, I assume you're too late to disqualify the judge and are stuck with him. Demeanor counts, and if you're going to represent yourself because you want to or have to, conduct yourself in way that makes it hard for the judge to abuse you. Courtrooms are public places, and I doubt very much that this judge will abuse you if you're conducting yourself appropriately.

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It would serve you well to ask around about your judge and find out what lawyers in your area have the best working relationship with him. Then hire them and let them do the talking. This is one reason why lawyers can provide a valuable service to their clients.

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