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Chicago Residential Tenant with family evicted by Sheriff without notice from Apt Owner, Condo Association or the Sheriff.

Chicago, IL |

Later, we were told by the Condo Association that Judge gave posession of the Apartment to the Condo Association as the ex-owners of this property owe a huge sum against unpaid Association Fee and the Association doesn't recognize the current owner at all.

The person who gave us the lease posing as Owner of this Apartment said he is not of aware of any eviction proceedings and abandoned us while he was holding current month's rent and one month's deposit.

All our stuff was locked up inside the apartment and we were outside for almost 12 days.

After much discussion, we were given back the Apartment by the Association against one month's rent but no lease.

Now, the person who originally gave us the lease and was taking monthly rents comes back and serves a 5 day notice to vacate.

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Attorney answers 2


You may have a claim against the condo association. You need to find out who actually owns the unit.



My sincere thanks fly out to you for this answer. Recorder of Deeds shows a certain corporation as Grantee. Its the same corporation appearing on Lease executed by the person who was taking monthly rents from me in the name of this corporation. Of note, Secretary of State lists "INVOLUNTARY DISSOLUTION 04/08/11" and the 5 Day Notice he tried to serve me also lists this corporation as Landlord, which legally doesn't exist.


If the association obtained a valid court order of possession, they have a right to evict you, and rent the unit. I do not think that the person posing as the owner has a right to do anything, let alone evict you. You seem to be paying rent to an association that has possession rights. I do not see why you would have to pay rent twice. You should see an attorney asap. Good Luck.