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Chicago, Illinois - Tried to remove a drunk perosn from my home an altercation occured, I hubby and sister in law arrested

Chicago, IL |

Had a new years party, a woman showed up she peed on hersel she was so drunk. I ask her to leave, she refused after several requests. She went out through back door but returned through front. In an attempt to remove her, I was thrown to floor where she pulled out chunks of my hair. My childrens father and his sister tried to get her off me in the scuffle she sustained a cut above the eye which required stitches. The three of us were taken from my home and arrested. Is here anything I can do? The police said I had to go since she called the police first, thing is even ater the incident she still wanted to know why she had to leave, yes she was the drunk! What should I do have court in a month

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I'm presuming (This is just a guess), you were charged with a misdemeanor - if so, realize that in Cook County there is no "vetting" process. The State's Attorney doesn't see your charge sheet until you get into court; generally that's when the vetting occurs, AFTER you get to court. Gotta love Chicago.

First, you get a public defender if you can't afford one. If you can afford an attorney, consider contacting your local bar for a list of attorney's that concentrate in criminal law.


You are facing criminal charges with the possibility of imprisonment and fines.

I urge you to contact a criminal defense attorney.

If you cannot afford one then I would follow the advice of Mr. Gotzh, and petition for a Public Defender if you meet the income guidelines.

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