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Chase Bank won't give me duplicate statements from an '08 business account.I need them to do my taxes, what do I do.

Sarasota, FL |

do i have to pay the collection agency to get them and do i trust the bank to comply

The account was charged of in august of '08

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My clients usually get their bank statements on line right in front of my eyes in my office and then we just click the print button, so I am surprised that you are having this problem.

Yes, the bank is required to provide this information.

Such banking statements are required not only for taxes but also for bankruptcy, medicaid eligibility and many other legitimate government purposes.

Go to the closest local branch office of the bank and have a talk with the manager to determine how to get these statements.

If that does not work, then call up the Florida Banking Commission. (I do not practice in Florida so this may not be the name of the government agency but there is a state agency that oversees banking in your state.)

Finally, you can always subpoena bank records. But, this requires that you go to an attorney and hire them for this purpose. I have subpoenaed bank records many times. But, try the other faster and less expensive alternatives first.

Again, I think you just got a bank employee on a bad day because this is information that you are absolutely entitled to have.

(p.s.: No, do not pay a collection agency anything for information. Under the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you have a right to demand a 'verification' of a debt and then they are legally required to provide a full verification. I suspect that there is more to this question, and so with respect to the collection agency: (1) Demand full verification of the debt in writing, (2) Notify them in writing you demand no further contact by way of the telephone, (3) Go to a debtor's rights attorney, you may be entitled to recovery.)

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