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Charges in excess from home contractor, never shown a revised estimate until after work was completed. In Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, PA |

We had damage to our home and the insurance company selected a contractor for us. The contractor gave me an estimate and work began. At the end of the work, they realized there were more charges involved and gave us a "revised estimate" AFTER the work was done. The revised estimate included charges that were clearly in excess but they say it was legitimate based on their "estimating software". The charges are in excess of what insurance would pay as well, which would fall on me. Am I liable to pay something that I never saw an updated estimate for until after the work was done, and based on an estimate from their software (not actual hours)?
Thank you for your advice!

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He might try to place a Mechanic's Lien on your property if you don't. The best thing is to work something out. Otherwise you could sue in small claims court and ask for triple damages under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Good luck.