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Charges for unknowingly cashing forged check?

Milwaukee, WI |

I recently forged a $70 dollar check to pay for copay for my friend when he went in for nose surgery. The check was my parents, and my friend was not aware that the check was forged and cashed it. I later told my parents of the check and paid then back, but they now want to press charges on my friend for cashing the check (bad history, father doesn't like the friend and want to find a way to put him away, father also has a TBI). They aren't pressing charges against me for forging the check, but want to press charges on the friend for cashing it, can they press charges? What would the charges be called for unknowingly cashing a forged check? Neither of us have a prior record, and yes I am aware it was not the right thing to do.

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Based on your statement, your friend has committed no crime. You have, though, and be careful about posting such comments on a public forum.

I see no point in them pressing charges. They have been repaid for the $70 so what do they stand to gain. It would be had kharma for them to do so.

Good Luck !

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You should recommend that your parents speak with a defense attorney first about the possibility of you being charged with a crime under these circumstances before they contact law enforcement about this.

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