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Charged with three counts of DUI, 1 count reckless driving, and 1 count careless driving. As my first offense, what are options?

Bensalem, PA |

I was not made aware of my charges until I filed a fingerprint background check. I was able to get a police report that told me nothing, and was denied access to the DUI report filed. What are my options?

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In would first make sure that you hire an attorney in the area that handles DUI cases. You have options depending on many factors in your case. One of the options you may have since its your first offense is ARD.

ARD which stands for Accelerated Rehabilitated Disposition is a first time offenders program. If and when you successfully complete this program you will (1) earn a dismissal of the charges (2) avoid a criminal record (3) avoid jailtime and (4) recieve a 1-2 month suspension rather than 1 year. Each County runs its own ARD program so you want to make sure to talk with an experienced DUI attorney who understands the rules in the County where you were arrested.



Retain counsel immediately. Experienced firms like ours know the way these things are handled in the different counties. Do not wait to obtain counsel.

The information provided is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. I am only licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and I am not providing you with specific legal advice. The law changes frequently and varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Being general in nature, the information provided may not apply to any specific factual and/or legal set of circumstances and/or the jurisdiction where you reside. No attorney-client relationship is formed nor should any such relationship be implied. The information provided is of a general nature is not intended to substitute for the advice of an attorney, especially an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction. Your question, although you may believe is simple, it is not simple. You require legal advice, please consult with a competent attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.


A seasoned criminal defense attorney can help you with this. There may be defenses to the charge or ARD may be the best option. This is a serious matter that can have long lasting negative effects on your future which will be made worse if you try to deal with it without an attorney's help.


You best option is to retain a criminal defense attorney with expertise in DUI cases.


Your case has likely been filed with the local district justice, who should be sending a court date in the mail. Since this is your first offense, Bucks County has the ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) program available to you. The District Attorney's Office makes all decisions on applications for the program. If you are accepted into ARD, you can earn a dismissal of all charges and be eligible to expunge your record.

The above is a general answer but should not be considered specific legal advice for your case.

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