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Charged with misdemeanor Larceny, and now the guy who pressed charges is publicy harassing and embarassing me.

Gastonia, NC |

So I do know that I need to hire a lawyer for my pending charge of misdemeanor larceny (no I didnt take any items and did not know the items were being taken but in North Carolina if you are with someone who takes something you can be charged as well). However, tonight at Wal-Mart the guy who pressed charges on me publicly embarassed me by yelling out "better watch them they're here to steal and I politely told him he should not be acting in such manor and telling my private business. His girlfriend became involved and he and his girlfriend made threats to fight me my sister, and my girlfriend. I talked to the local magistrate and he said that I should just let this go. How can this man threaten all 3 of us embarass us so badly that the WalMart manager made them leave and get away with it

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Go back to the magistrate with all your sister and girlfriend. If the same magistrate is there, leave and return until you have a new magistrate. When you have a new magistrate, each one of you can swear out a warrant for communicating threats.

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I agree with Mr. Silva and will add that the threats have to be credible...."do you want some of this?" Is not really a threat of imminent harm. You have to express language that you felt in fear for your safety.

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