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Charged with burglary 2nd & with trafficking Stolen property 2nd & with theft 3rd in Washington need advice !

Spokane, WA |

In my passed criminal history I was charged with burglary when I was 14 and got one of thoughts Deferreds things were I had to pay a fee and be in probation for 2 years so I completed that and 3 years later before I turned 18 I was charged with the same thing again and did the same deferred payed a fee with 2 years of prob- and also that was completed but now that I'm 20 I got charged burglary 2nd trafficking stolen property 2nd & theft 3rd just cuz I was told to not go into Payless shoes and if I did I would be trespassing so I went to go return some shoes that they supposable said they were stolen all this happened I'm scared can they give me jail time even though I have those 2 criminal charges in the pass when I was a minor and completed them can they still count it to punish me more

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Yes. If a person is convicted of felony charges, they could go to jail or prison. Generally speaking, less criminal history a person has, the less in custody time they possibly face. Having prior similar charges dismissed on deferral is better than having then on record as convictions. They will not count as mandatory reasons to increase possible in custody time, but the prosecuting authority may consider then in negotiations. You certainly need an experienced felony criminal defense lawyer. Find a lawyer you trust and ask for a consultation.


Mr. Nelson gave you very good advice. Go get a lawyer whether you hire one yourself or request a Public Defender. Do it today, do it now. Good luck.

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Yes, they can give you jail time. Yes, they may consider your past history. You need to talk to an attorney who can go through the specifics of your situation and figure out what options are available to you. You need to get set up with a lawyer immediately. If you wait, it will make the attorney's job more difficult. Good luck.


Talk to your attorney. If you don't like your attorney hire a new one. Make sure you understand what the good and the bad is about your case so that you can make an informed decision on what to do, settlement of trial. Good Luck I live in Moses Lake not far from Spokane if you need an attorney.