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Charged with a feloney help court date tomorrow.

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Iam being charge with burglary of a building Ihave no lawyer what should I tell the judge or bring to the court house for him to assigne me a court appointed lawyer. my story is basic Iwas driving and seen appear to be scrap on the side of the road I got out and took some of it and put it in my trunk and copped pulled behind me and now I'm charged with this crim the gate appeared to be yanked out the ground and you seen where the generator was slide from the gate to the spot it was at it was night time so you couldn't see that without a flashlight question me extremly hard and tried to cross examine me and another guy than tried to put us together in a cop car and record us as they left the cop car with recording on us. which we didn't say nothing but we are innocent helppppp.

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I have already advised you that to receive a court appointed lawyer, you must be indigent - meaning no property to sell, a low paying job. If you qualify, you should bring copies of your bank statements, paycheck stubs, car title, etc. along with a list of lawyers you have spoke with and the fees they quoted (which you cannot afford)

If you are not indigent, you will have to hire a lawyer. You need to call around to lawyers to get fees quoted.

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You need to take bank statements, tax returns, proof of unemployment or SSI, anything that will help convince the judge that you are indigent.

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It looks like you have a serious charge facing you. If at all possible, I recommend doing what it takes to retain counsel of your choosing to ensure you are represented by someone you feel will most adequately protect your rights.

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A court will appoint you a lawyer if it finds you to be indigent, meaning without sufficient funds to hire one. It is up to you to satisfy the Judge that you are in fact unable to afford to hire an attorney. Bring to court any information you have to prove your financial status- assets, debts, curent income or sources of it etc. Also be prepared to attest or affirm under oath your financial condition as a false statement could result in a charge of perjury.

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