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Charged with a controlled substance for about 0.14g cocain 7/11 ask for a speedy trail didnt get they took old pd off case

Salina, KS |

the case been set for trail more than 5 times each time it gets set back . they claim on the police camera you can see something getting thrown out the window but me an the old pd saw a reflection from the mirror of the driver side door everytime the cop open it up you can see the reflection on the passager side they took my former pd off of the case because of some type of conflict of interest and gave me a new one . I only meet one time they called me today for the first time and i have trail tomorrow what should i do?

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I doubt if your new attorney only contacted you yesterday that you will go to trial today. You should expect another continuance. That is annoying I am sure. However you do not want to go to trial with an attorney who has not had time to prepare. Cooperate with your attorney and hopefully you will develope a strong defense for your trial.

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