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Charged for Battery Touch or Strike, How long does the trial takes, upcoming court

Davenport, FL |

I was in the middle of the separation, my ex-wife wanted 15K before Christmas 2013 as part of the separation agreement I just don't have them, I was going to take a loan and give them to her,.

She got mad We argued, she called 911 and told them I had "pushed her to bed and placed a pillow on her mouth not to hurt her but just keep her from screaming" she said she had to wrestle to free her self. there was supposed to be a "minor scratch on her forearm" I did argue with her but never touched her, her word against mine. I got arrested and then freed on bond,.

There is no evidence just the police report, what can I expect as an outcome? time-wise how long does the process takes? I have hired a lawyer. I had a clean record, can I expect the case to be closed fast?

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1. It takes as long as it takes. Think of it like performing a brake job while a kid asks, "How long will it take?" Each case is different and there are always unique issues you can encounter. Like an unexpectedly frozen lug-nut that you must cut-off to get to the rest of the job, legal issues don't set themselves well to time-frames.

2. The evidence is your wife's testimony. That's all that's needed.

3. The outcome depends on your credibility versus hers in a he said/she said case.

Hire an attorney and don't hope for miracles. These cases need aggressive representation.

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Every case is different. Can take a month up to a year. I would suggest you contact your lawyer and ask him or her those questions. Criminal lawyers are in court a lot but reach out to him or her and I am sure you will get an answer to your questions. I wish you the best of luck!

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Ask your attorney all your questions that's why you pay him/her. Seems really early to be wanting to rush it.

This answer is not legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. Your particular situation should be discussed extensively with an attorney that can provide appropriate legal case evaluation.


You have hired a lawyer. Trust your lawyers advice and follow it carefully. Do not post any more facts about your case anywhere as they can all be subpoenaed and used against you by an overzealous state attorney that wishes to win at any cost. Your case is very winnable, truster lawyer.

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