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Charge disposed?

London, KY |

I live in ky and received 5 traffic citations, when I got the case history it says charge disposed on all except the failure to appear, what does that mean?

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I'm not an attorney in Kentucky, but you should contact an attorney in your area because an FTA (failure to appear) could in some cases lead your arrest, and an attorney will be able to help you if there's an outstanding warrant and/or help you get the FTA adjudicated. An FTA usually issues when someone misses a court date.


Did you appear in court and have the charges resolved? If so, the FTA may be a clerical error. Call or go to the District Court Clerk's office in the County where the violations occurred.

If you have not had the citations resolved on the merits, I recommend that you get your case re-docketed immediately and that you ask that any FTA warrant for your arrest be recalled.
To do this most effectively, you will need to hire an attorney in or near the county where the violations occurred.


That is a little odd. Try calling the clerk there in London and see if there is a warrant for your arrest--just in case. Also make sure your Driver's License is not suspended. If you do have a warrant for your arrest I would call an attorney and ask them to remove the warrant. As a last resort, find out how much bail is, get some cash, and ask the court when you could go before a judge and clear this up. Have cash in case they arrest you in court. If there is a warrant, take care of it as soon as possible, you don't want them coming to your home. You could also find out the bail amount, ask them "Are you sure." and turn yourself in at the county jail. Of course, if you have the money for an attorney, hire one.