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Chapter 7 Question about continuation sheets and additional sheets for Schedule B & C?

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The Schedule B form has a first sheet and 2 continuation sheets. I don't have enough space for items I am listing on Schedule B and will be attaching additional sheets. On the 3rd sheet of Schedule B it asks for __________continuation sheets attached. If I am attaching 2 additional sheets to Schedule B's 3 sheets would I put "2" in the space for continuation sheets? Also, would I label the 2 sheets I am attaching "Schedule B Continuation Sheets 1 and 2" or would I label them "Schedule B Attachment Pages 1 & 2"? The second part of my question has to do with Schedule C which only has 1 sheet. I need to create 2 more sheets to list all my exemptions, but no continuation sheets are provided. Would I attach 2 more sheets in the same manner I did with Schedule B?

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It sounds like you are going into considerably more detail than is necessary ... and asking lawyers to guide you through the technical aspects of filing without a lawyer is courageous. The clerk at the BK court should be able to help you.


Given all the time you are apparently spending on this, don't you think it was worth $1500 to $2500 to hire an attorney and not worry about it. In any event to answer your question on continuation sheets.
1. YOU DO NOT count the first page,
2. At the bottom of the first page, it asks for the number of continuation sheets. That number is the number sheets ATTACHED to the first page.
3. So lets say you have a total of 5 pages for schedule B. At the bottom of the first page, you would put 4 continuation sheets.
4. On bottom of the second page, it would 1 of 4 continuation sheets. At the bottom of the third page, it would be 2 of 4 continuation sheets, etc.

Side note, if you really have 5 total pages for schedule B, you are probably being overly detailed.



Thank you Matthew. I appreciate your help.


The pagination issue is insignificant. What is on the page is far more important. Hire a lawyer who knows what is important and what is not.


Sounds like you're reading too much into how the pages are numbered. Your example is correct. However, if you make a mistake numbering the pages, you're not going t lose your discharge. You can call the clerk if you have any questions or pay an attorney to handle all of this for you.


It seems that you are over-complicating a simple issue. If you label the pages as "continuation page 1" etc., then the trustee will understand what you are trying to do.

However, I am more concerned that you are needing multiple Schedule C pages. Unless you have a lot of minor household assets (each valued at under $550), then you usually do not need continuation pages. Whenever I see multiple pages for Schedule C, it is usually a red flag that a person may be exceeding their available exemptions (i.e., legal protections applicable to your property). I would recommend at least hiring an attorney to review your paperwork before filing. Hiring an attorney just to review your paperwork will be much more cost-effective, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your paperwork is done correctly.