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Chapter 7 filling out debt form

Columbia, SC |

should I list the orinal debtor as well as the collection agency, especially because some of my debts hre 5 years old? To cover myself?

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Yes-- always list anyone that could possibly make a claim. There is no real downside to that and you ensure all potential claims are listed.

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Yes, it always best to list any creditor that may be associated with the debt. Naming all such persons will only be to your benefit. Also, if you do not have an attorney, you are strongly advised to hire one. An attorney can assist you in gaining the maximum benefit from the bankruptcy process in addition to properly navigating the rules and procedures.

I wish you well resolving your legal issue.

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Not just to cover yourself. After the bankruptcy is over, wouldn't you like to repair your credit? If you don't list a creditor as a duplicate listing, you may find it difficult to remove creditors you didn't list. Hope this perspective helps!