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Chapter 7

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If a person is so poor that he cannot afford to pay his bills, how on earth can he afford to pay an attorney 2-3 thousand to hire a lawyer to file for a bankruptcy in the first place, not to mention the filing fees??

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Not all attorneys charge that much. And some will do payment plans.

This answer should not be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship, and is for informational purposes only.


Most attorneys will offer a free consultation and will work a payment plan around your income. There is also no requirement to have an attorney for filing bankruptcy, but it is highly recommended as the process can be difficult for laypersons (even other attorneys) and filing a case incorrectly can result in more costs and ultimately having two bankruptcies on your credit reports and public record if you have to refile.


I am not sure if you are asking how to afford to pay your attorneys fees or you are saying we should not be charging to file your bankruptcy. In life we make decisions that best achieve our goals. If you are in need of filing for bankruptcy protection and would like it done correctly then paying an attorney to do the job seems like a good investment. If you are asking how to afford the attorneys fees then my advice is to sit down with an attorney they will assist you in finding ways to pay your fees.

Remember that on this forum attorneys try to answer your questions with limited facts available to them. My answer should in no way be considered legal advice. No attorney client relationship has been formed by any answer given here.


While I agree with my colleagues, you should also be aware that the Bankruptcy Bar Association in conjunction with the local legal aid offers pro bono (meaning "for free") bankruptcy lawyers if you qualify. Contact your local legal aid or the clerk of the bankruptcy court for details on this program.


1.This is a hard question. Most times people are still paying something to their credit cards so when they know they are filing, they quit paying the cards and start paying the attorney, they choose that route.

2. If the case is not complicated and the client is willing to follow the lawyer's instructions completely and on time, then we will usually lower fees.

3. If people are completely destitute they can qualify to have the filing fee waived and the attorney may do the case pro-bono. I usually do these is if someone comes to me from a non-profit/charity organization.

Also, please remember lawyers have a HUGE amount of overhead: paralegals, student loans, dues, rent, advertising, insurance, etc . Not to mention our own mortgage, credit cards and regular costs to live. For the most part, bankruptcy lawyers are not living large of CH 7 cases.

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