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Change of Venue and Child Support Enforcement

Houston, TX |

Have already had a parent child modification agreement settled with child support and the ability to live in either harris county or panola county. I choose to move to panola county due to my mother living there and my husband is getting ready to deploy to Iraq. The children and I have been in Panola County for 8 months. My ex is behind on child support and he recently told me that the IRS is after him since he has not paid taxes (personal and business) in the past 6 years. I only get half of my monthly child support once a month now and he is saying he doesn't know what is going to happen to payments in the future. I have talked with a lawyer in Panola County and he says I need to get the venue changed and a motion for enforcement filed at the same time in Harris County.

I have called and emailed my Houston attorney repeatedly to get this done for a month now. His secretary says the same thing, that he is in trial and will have him return my call. I explained to her that all I need left for him to do is file these things in court and we are done. I am very angry because I paid him $5000 and we have only been to court 3 times and had some communication in between. I just want the remainder of my money now. Question being...can I file these papers on my own?

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If the only issue now is that he is behind on child support then you should contact the Attorney General's office to inquire about the services that you qualify for. More than likely, they can pursue an enforcement on your behalf. Good luck!