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Change of status from illegal status to F-1

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A friend of mine entered US in Fall 2010 on a visitor's visa. However due to some financial hardships he had to stay back and is currently working without any proper work authorization. He has no criminal record.
He wants to enroll in a university (grad program) to continue his education.

1.) Is there any provision to facilitate this change of status?
2.) His original passport (India) is about to expire in a year. Will he need to renew it? How?
3.) How will his current illegal status affect his ability to get a job in future after his grad education is complete?

I know these are questions with a lot of variables but I am just trying to get an idea if this is even a feasible approach for him and what questions to ask a lawyer if we hire one.

Editing the 2nd question: How can he renew his passport staying in US? Going back to India isn't an option. Also, since most of you feel he would not qualify for a student visa, what other options does he have to stay in the US legally, or at least start a process towards legalization given his current situation. He wants to settle down in US eventually.

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No, he will not be able to get a change of status. Would require a student visa (with a waiver).

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Overstayed and worked without authorization, It will be very difficult for him to qualify for an F-1 visa.

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1. No ... his visa violations are too serious for him to qualify for a student visa.

2. Yes, he should go home and renew his passport

3. He will probably be refused future non-immigrant visas that require non-immigrant intent.

This was a serious violation ... he needs to meet with an attorney to learn more about the seriousness of his actions.

You don't need a list of questions before going to a lawyer ... an experience immigration lawyer will know what questions to answer .... even before you formulate the questions.

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