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Change my Last Name to my Husband's Last name

Alexandria, VA |

I got married last week and now I am in the process of filing my green card papers. I would like to change my last name to get my husband's last name. How this process works? and what is the best thing to do?

Do I need to change my last name first THEN I file the CIS forms with my new name?


Can I file my CIS forms with my husband's name which is the name that I would like to use from now (even though I have not change it legally on my passport, SSN, etc). Then, once I recieved my EAD card with my new name, I can use this document to change my SSN, Driver License, bank accounts, passport, etc.?

Thanks for you advice!

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You can begin using your husband's last name immediately if you want, including on your application forms. There is no rule or requirement that you change your other documents before filing. You do not need to await an EAD to change your other documents, either. You can do that by going to the various offices with your birth certificate, passport and marriage certificate. I express no opinion regarding your eligibility for a green card.


Your question needs to be answered from a few different perspectives.

First, you can use your married name on all of your applications/petitions for immigration benefits since you are legally entitled to use your married name.

Second, you will not be able to change your name with the Social Security Administration until you have an immigration document to support the name change i.e. Employment Authorization or Lawful Permanent Residence Card (aka Green Card).

Third, you can not use your married name for employment or taxes until your Social Security Number has been updated with the Social Security Administration, otherwise 1) your employer will start receiving "no match" letters for you and 2) your tax returns will not be accepted if your name and number do not mach.