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Change in venue

Norwalk, CA |

a criminal law judge was assigned to a family law case, i would like to change the venue to get a family law judge, what forms do i need?

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You can't have it transferred just because you don't like the judge.

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This is not a change of venue, and you don't get to pick your judge. However, if you believe that the assigned judge is biased toward you or your attorney, you can file a peremptory challenge to the judge pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure section 170.6.

The form for Los Angeles Superior Court is:

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venue means where the case will be heard, such as another county. there are specific grounds for venue change, and you likely dont have them. if you dont want this judge to hear the case, you can file a 170.6 challenge. You are allowed one such challenge in the case. That judge will then be disqualified to hear the case,

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