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Change a job during Cap-Gap extension.

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I am currently on F1 cap-gap, my OPT was expired at June 15, and company A has file premium H1 request for me. Now I want to change to company B, but H1 cap is already full.

-Can I change the job to company B before Oct, 1st ?
-If I can what prove do I need to show HR because it 's required EAD card which is already expired.
- Can I do H1 transfer before Oct, 1st?

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Talk to the company B lawyer ... or hire one to represent you personally.

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You must wait for the company A petition to be approved before filing for change of employer. You should speak with an experienced U.S. business immigration attorney about your options.

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Since you are already in H-1B status, you have already been counted against the cap once. You are now no longer counted against any cap. Thus, you can now have Co. B file a new H-1B petition on your behalf ASAP.



I can't since the H1 cap is already full, can I do leave with out pay on company 1 and start working on company2 in the same time?