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Chances of getting more custody and authorized change of school from private with out his agreement. He has 2 Duis in last 3 yea

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divorce has very general custody order. we decide schedule. I moved last year & we put her in a private school with the agreement that he would do volenteer work. He has done nothing & won't agree to the school in my district. He wants to lie to put her in a better school. I do all volenteering and extra activities for her. She is with me 4 days him 3 right now. He recently recieved his 2nd DUI in August in 3 years. He just moved and she does not have a room. shares with a 15 year old brother. My house she has her own room and bathroom. What are the chances of getting more custody and the permission to move her schools if we go back for a modification?

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These will all be good facts that your attorney will use when you go back to court.
Robert Driessen

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You should post this question to Family Lawyers. You aren't asking about DUIs. You want custody modification.


I agree with the other attorney, this is a family law matter and should be discussed with a local family law attorney.

Jim Mitchell Medley

Jim Mitchell Medley


Family law attorneys would be much more helpful.



Thank you. But in California is he able to obtain a valid license after 2 DUIs?

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