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Ch 7 was discharged 08/12 in IL. Can IL toll penalties/fines can be waived and missed tolls paid? Tolls = $20. Billed ~2300

Downers Grove, IL |

I was unaware of the tollway fines, my driver's license address was current, no tollway violations appeared on my credit report and I was issues an I-pass. Suddenly, (6 months after using I-Pass) I received notification from IL Tollway authority that I owed tollway violations on 3 previously owned vehicles! I can pay the missed tolls ($.40 -$80 - fewer than a dozen missed tolls total) but I don't have thousands of dollars.. What are my options

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Even if you listed the tollway fines in the Chapter 7, they are non-discharable in a chapter 7 bankruptcy. You need to contact the tollway authority and see if you can work out a payment plan.


The ILL Tollway has its own internal procedure. They have elected to write off these violation debts upon a debtor's filing of Chapter 7. Why does the debtor have to pay the tolls? Because it is a debt to a government entity that is in the nature of tax. Money owed to the government never gets a bankruptcy discharge.

This obligation is generally not discharged unless it is over 3 years old.

Usually most tollway tolls are less than 3 years old. In practically, your IPASS will not be reset until you pay the tolls. Negotiate the deal, get it in writing, pay the tolls and get the reset.


The Illinois Tollway debts are not dischargeable in a Chapter 7. Contact the authority to find out what's going on.