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Caught shoplifting from the company i work for but in another city

Sacramento, CA |

total was $203, no police or arrest was involved, they took my ID and information the LP there told me he was going to send my information to all the stores under that company which includes my store, that am never allowed in any of those store ever again, so i had to tell the truth that i worked for the same company so they went ahead and still send my info over there. . they told me that my job will contact me and i shouldn't go to work till they do contact me. i waited for 3weeks i didnt get a call or mail from them, then suddenly i received a call from a law office. they fine me 325$ which am going to pay. but the will the store still take me to court? will i get fired? suspended? should i call my job? they never contact me ever since.

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Attorney answers 2


1- Unless you stole $325.00 from them you owe them nothing.
2- Whatever you did steal I assume you gave back so, you owe them nothing.
3- If you have not been to work in 3 weeks you are already fired I would imagine.
4- If they threaten arrest in the demand letter you may have a claim against them.

Good luck in your next job.


If you have been threatened with a lawsuit, I would suggest you consult a consumer advocate in your area. And if you have been charged with a crime, or anticipate you may be, it is advisable to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area. You may find attorneys on this site, or by contacting your local bar association. He/she will be able to discuss the specific facts of your case with you and advise you of your legal rights and defenses.

Additionally, I also suggest individuals who have been charged with criminal wrongdoing refrain from discussing their legal issue with others absent instruction from their attorney. This includes posting information on the Internet, including this site. Doing so could compromise an optimal outcome and should be avoided.

Good luck to you.

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