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Caught shoplifting but go to college in another state?

El Paso, TX |

This occurred over a week ago and I need to fly to Oregon to start school. The amount was 90$ and it was a class B misdemeanor. Is there any way I can negotiate to turn myself in later or can I have an attorney go to court for me? What are some options?

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Hire a lawyer!!! You may be able to make arrangements go to court early, hopefully get in pretrial diversion, and avoid a conviction.

This case IS the most important thing in your life right now because you do not want to get a conviction for a crime of moral turpitude!! And, you want to have the best chance of settling the matter in a manner that allows it to be expunged from your record. Theft cases can haunt you for life.

Cynthia Henley


You'll have to hire a defense attorney. It typically takes awhile (as in possibly a few months) for a case to get filed and receive a First Setting with the court. The attorney may be able to get your appearance waived with proof that you are in school out of state. A local attorney will be able to discuss all the available options and likely outcomes in your jurisdiction.

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I agree with Ms. Henley and Ms. Jaggers.

Put more bluntly, you made a mistake. You need to now get your priorities in order. Get a good criminal defense lawyer working on this ASAP.

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Yes, this can be arranged. A person can have their presence at court waived with the proper request filed by an attorney. Please also remember that you do not want to plea to a theft charge, because of the serious consequences of a theft conviction.

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