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Caught shoplifting at Rite-Aid.

El Monte, CA |

So I was caught, obviously. I understand that what I did was wrong and as much as I regret it, there's nothing I can do to change that fact. It was a first time offense as a minor. No police were involved and I'm waiting on a civil demand letter. The item was worth 32 dollars, but I had opened the box. How much would it cost me to pay for the damage? And do I REALLY have to pay the civil demand letter?

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Generally the civil demand is a few hundred dollars. You should seek advice on the criiminal matter in if you were given a notice to appear in court.


I agree that you should consult with a criminal attorney before you pay anything.

If you need help with this matter feel free to contact my office.


Erick Platten

Platten Law Office


Individuals sometimes think that if they respond and pay the amount requested in the civil demand letter, it will preclude prosecution. Unfortunately, they are wrong.

Best advice would be to consult with a criminal defense attorney who may well tell you to ignore the civil demand letter.


Please, please, remember not to make admissions on websites like this! They harm your ability to fight any future criminal charges. Good luck.