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Caught shoplifting at kmart for 15.99;additional question to prioir question? Please HELP answer this!!!

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I was caught at kmart on dec.3 2010. I signed a civil demand letter. The security said this paper would go to their lawyer and I would have to pay a fee depending on what their lawyers charge. How long will it take for me to get the fine? I am so scared not knowing when this fine will come or will I get a warrent for arrest even if police were not called? Can they still send a warrent even if police were not called and how long does it usually take? I cannot live with the not knowing what will happen. I have never been to court for shoplifting but I was fingerprinted twice for prior cases with one time fine.This happend on a friday and it is wednesday; all I do is stay in bed depressed and scared for the unknown. What may happen now?

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You should never sign anything that you do not fully understand. However, for now there is no much you can do. If the security did not call the police at the time you were caught, it doesnot seem likely that you will be prosecuted criminally. As soon as you receive any paperwork from KMART be sure to find a good attorney to help with the next step.


If you are contacted by the court or police, acquire an Attorney to assist you in the matter.

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By signing the letter you could be admitting your crime. That is problematic. If you get either a civil demand letter or a criminal compaint or citation contact an attorney to advise you.


They can send you a summons even if the police did not contact you at the time, but that is probably unlikely. Try not to worry yourself to death about something that very well may not happen, and then place it in the hands of a very good lawyer if it does.

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