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Cat scratched my face

Frederick, MD |

going to pick up item on freecycle,lady opens door first,tells me she wants to keep door closed because of her sons cat.comes back to hand me item,cat gets out.I set item on porch to help her trap cat,she went one way,i went the other.i picked up cat.i had the cat til he turned around and realized he didnt know me,hissed and scratched.lady looks at face and gives me paper towel-she was in shock i think.i went to friends house got towel then daughter(witness) said lets go to hosp.had tetnus,antibiotics,pictures

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Attorney answers 5


If your question is, do you have a case, the answer is yes. You should file a police report and take pictures of your face, and keep all receipts and contact a personal injury attorney in your attorney.


Yes, retain a personal injury lawyer. The lady should have homeowner's insurance carrier to cover it.


Consult with a local personal injury attorney ASAP


I agree with my colleagues, you likely have a case against her homeowner's policy. You should contact a local attorney and be sure to get photographs of the scratches.

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Although you did not ask a question, you should retain a personal injury attorney to represent you for your injuries. The lady's homeowners policy should cover the incident.