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Case of abusive mortgage servicing? Negligent. intentional infliction of emotional distress by bank? Can they get away with it?

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I've had problems with bank since divorce 4 years ago trying to foreclose on business received. Allowed ex to not pay 3 mtgs, 30/59 days late, not contacting me, After received businesses I called, learned unpd, promised to bring current in 4 days.Same officer left voicemail next day, I had been raiding corp accts, why mtgs unpaid, threatened foreclosure. On mod of balloon, told not to pay heloc until signed, reported 30/60 days late to bureaus, sent unsigned letter no letterhead when requested to correct then refused to correct unless agreed to untrue mtg error. Sent intimidating emails, to force signing unfair forbearance agreement. Told accelerating all loans if not signed. 31 days after last pmt served tenants notices to pay them in effort to collect debt without warning. Nightmare!

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I'm sorry but as far as personal injury it doesn't appear you have a claim.

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Thank you for your answer and I understand how it appears. I wasn;t able to include everything done, I have lived in terror of left on the street with no income never knowing if they would foreclose each ballon, Ex hid 100g in bills, left 8.00 in bank. Tey should take into acount fact I didn't lose it, paid bills, steadily increased income by large amounts, mde all pmts & cooperated in whatevever they wanted.. They purposely kept me broke, making my paymrnts high, difficult to pay but I did, Last last years balloon they wouldnt refi my heloc and biz loan unless I agreed a scriveners error was made on my exs property, mtg intended to be on mine was sellin mtg,intended to be on my property I was selling. Untrue, no docs to support. All had his id and legal, A



I had choice of everything foreclose on or agree, pay 176g of his mtg,, they took 50g and pd down heloc, refid biz loan keeping 40g in reser4ve, leaving me nothing.,without adding past due rpoperty tx then sent a letter 2 months later if the 22 gnot pd in 3wks were foreclosing.on everything just refidm paid 176g to do so. they didnt want to provide a copy of thr agreent they wanted me to sign and i got so mant intimidatky letters from their attorney to try and force me to sign, Its worn me down, PTSD symptoms back, no concentraction or focus. Im not diut happy. They have really caused damage.


It appears you may want to speak with a real estate attorney. This is not something a personal injury attorney would be able to help you with. Good luck.

Randy Sevenish is licensed to practice law in the State of Indiana. The laws of your jurisdiction may differ and thus this answer is for informational and educational purposes only and is not to be considered as legal advice. Since all facts are not addressed in the question, this answer could change depending on other significant and important facts. This answer in no way constitutes an attorney-client relationship. Please speak with a local attorney to discuss your potential legal issue.


Have a local real estate lawyer investigate.

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