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Case Management Conference

Sunnyvale, CA |

I attended a case management conference today for my civil limited case. The judge now scheduled another case management conference. Should I again file a case management statement? And if there are going to be more case management conferences, do I file this statement every time for the conference?

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You should file an updated case management statement before you r next conference. What kind of civil case do you have?


If there are any changes or updates, you should definitely file an updated Case Management Statement.

Even if there aren't any changes, if the continued CMC is several months away, it is always a good practice to prepare and file an updated Case Management Statement.

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I generally only file a new case management statement if circumstances have changed since filing the previous CMC Statement.


I agree that another CMC statement should usually only be filed if anything new happens in the case. However, that being said, my own practice is to call the court clerk and find out the Court's preference. After all, it's always best to stay on the Court's good side.