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Baltimore, MD |

I received my chapter 7 discharge letter last week. How long does it take before the case closes?

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usually almost immediately, but don't know if there is something else going on. do you have a lawyer, if so call and ask the question

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If there are no assets to be administered by the trustee, then usually the trustee will file a notice with the court that there will be no distribution of estate assets to unsecured creditors. Soon after this notice is filed, the court will enter a discharge in the case. However, if there are assets to be liquidated, then your bankruptcy estate can remain open for a considerable amount of time. This fact might delay the entry of an order closing your bankruptcy case. Good Luck!


It depends. If there are no assets in the bankruptcy estate for the trustee to administer, then the closing of the case should occur reasonably soon after the trustee files a 'no asset' report. If there are assets to administer, then the case will remain open until the trustee liquidates all assets and makes a distribution as authorized by the Court. In the latter instance, this could take some time (especially if there is litigation involved).

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