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Car Lease dealer mistake revision question

San Diego, CA |

I took delivery of a new car after signing a lease agreement.
Next day dealer calls me and says a signature is missing somewhere and would I be able to come in and sign that so that the documents be forwarded to finance institution.
I go in and they present me with a new lease agreement, with some changes to the numbers, which does affect my monthly outgoings or initial down payment.
But I was unhappy with it nevertheless (and the way that they got me to their dealership). So I said I am not signing it.
They said they will cancel the lease and take the car away from me in that case.
Can they do that ? Do I have any right here ?

***does NOT affect my monthly outgoings/down payment.

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Attorney answers 1


It is impossible to render an opinion without examining the documents in question.

This information does not constitute legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.



I see your point, but I was hoping someone familiar with car lease legalities might have an idea of the standard lease contract wording etc. BTW, I have returned the car,not because I found any clause that required me to, but because I would rather not pay money to such incompetent dealer.