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Car dealer forgot to collect dwn pmtt, and now, weeks later, they want the money. Do I need a lawyer?

Columbus, GA |

Bought a car two weeks ago, traded in my car and financed the remaining amount through Navy Federal. Talked about a $3,500 down payment, and it is on the contract, but they never collected the amount at the final sale. Now, two weeks later, they are asking for the money because they realized they messed up by never collecting it. Am i at fault for this? Are there any lega rights protecting me?

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If you entered a contract to pay, then you owe the money. You have the car .


You are not necessarily at fault, but you still owe it. If you don't pay it, then you will probably spend more than that fighting over it. The law generally follows morality. That means if you make a deal, such as by signing a contract, than you will have to live up to it one way or another. Thanks for asking and good luck.

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No, you don't need a lawyer; you need $3,500.00 to make the down payment you promised two weeks ago.