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Car crash... single car acddint....

Gainesville, GA |

i have nerve damange in my right for head....a scar runing from my eyebrow to behaind my right ear....and a scar above my left ear...i had 28 stiches and 7 bills are close to 22000

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You should see a lawyer. If there is someone that is responsible for your single car accident other than yourself, you need to know that sooner rather than later. Check with a personal injury attorney in your state to discuss the details. Good luck.


What is your question?


I'm not sure what your question is. Unless someone else is at fault, there's not a legal issue raised in your question. However, with bills that size, if they aren't covered by iunsurance, you may want to look at bankruptcy to deal with the bills.


I assume you were in the only car that was involved in the accident. If you were driving the car, you should have already reported the accident to your insurance company. If you were the passenger, you should have called the police to report the accident. Thereafter, you need to research personal injury attorneys in your area to sue the driver and/or obtain recovery from the driver's insurance company.


I am very sorry to hear about your accident and injuries. My firm exclusively handles automobile accidents in Gainesville. We would be happy to speak with you about your accident in the event you have not retained an attorney. You most certainly have a claim for damages against the negligent driver who caused your accident. There are many issues, including available insurance and health insurance reimbursement. Please feel free to contact me if I can assist you.

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