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Car Accident Mediation - do I need a lawyer?

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I was in a multiple car accident and my insurance company is holding a mediation to sort out medical coverage for this accident. My insurance told me I could potentially have to pay money out of pocket for other drivers' medical bills because it exceeds my insurance coverage. For that mediation, one of the other drivers is going to have a lawyer present and my insurance is going to have a lawyer present.

Since it could potentially go over my insurance coverage, should I hire a lawyer?

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Your insurance company should have appointed an attorney and it sounds like that has happened already. That attorney is supposed to represent your best interest. You should make contact with that attorney prior to the mediation. Ordinarily, mediation orders require the attendence of any defendants and their counsel.

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Having a lawyer there looking out for your best interest can't hurt. May not be necessary though, if your insurance company can get the other parties to sign a release for an amount within your insurance policy limits. Good luck 954-got-injured

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It probably would not be a bad idea for you to have personal counsel at the mediation. Although your insurance company appears to have hired a lawyer to appear at the mediation on your behalf, it might not hurt to have a lawyer with you who has no tied whatsoever to the insurance company. Personal counsel may be able to place additional pressure on your insurance company to resolve the matter in a way that is most advantageous to you. The only issue you'll need to consider is that the insurance company may not be willing to pay the fees of your personal counsel, so you may find yourself paying those fees out of your own pocket.

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Your insurance carrier will have someone at mediation. Most cases settle within policy limits. It's rare that defendant's hire private counsel, but if the Plaintiff appears to be looking for you for payments in amount in excess of policy limits and damages in the case will exceed policy limits and the plaintiff is refusing to settle for policy limits, private counsel is good.

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It is not clear whether the "insurance lawyer" you mention is: (1) there representing the insurance company's interest; or (2) was hired by your insurance to be your lawyer and represent your interest. If (1), then you should consider hiring your own attorney. If (2), you already have an attorney and should address any questions or concerns to that attorney.

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I thing having personal counsel when dealing with a lawyer hired by your insurance company is always a good idea. Although, your insurance company has an obligation to hire an attorney to represent you in this matter, the attorney is still hired by your insurance company and their loyalty is often questionable. Many times it take the pressure of personal counsel to make the insurance company do the right thing.
Good Luck.


Having personal counsel is never a bad idea. It sounds like you may have been at fault in causing the colliison. This is the reason that your insurance company is providing you with a lawyer. Your carrier has the obligation to try to resolve the claims within your policy limit. However, in Florida you are not required to carry any coverage for bodily injury caused by you to others. If you have purchased that coverage then, your carrier owes you an obligation to resolve the injury claims within your coverage limit. They owe that obligation to YOU. In Florida - the other drivers have available or should have available 10K in PIP benefits that will cover 80% of their reasonable medical expenses related to the collision.