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Car Accident Doctor Note (Doctors Not Helping)

Chicago, IL |

I have went to two separate hospitals after a car accident.

I went the same day for one problem, but not by ambulance.

After this accident, I didn't have a clue of how bad things were because I was somewhat inactive. I work from home, so the only time I left was twice monthly for grocery shopping and the laundry mat. Each of these tasks didn't cause for much walking.

Last week I went on a vacation and that's when I started noticing that I can only walk for so long plus other bad effects from this accident.

When I went to both hospitals, the doctors asked me if I had been in a car accident which I responded, yes. Before I could answer them good, they told me that my problems weren't from the accident. Well, why ask?

Can I do anything about them writing down the wrong diagnoses?

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A different physician with a more detailed history with the additional symptoms that you now could be related to the accident would be helpful. An argument could easily be made that the earlier doctor's opinions were premature. You should contact a victim's attorney as soon as possible. Most, like myself and others on AVVO provide free consultations. Good luck.

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You need a doctor who understands personal injury. I always tell my clients that the treating doctor should be qualified in both medicine and understand the nature of personal injury accidents. You probably need a good lawyer who can direct you and follow your treatment. Use the Avvo search bar to find a lawyer in your area or feel free to contact me.

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A misdiagnosis would need to cause you damages, otherwise, a lawsuit would be fruitless. If you were injured in the car accident due to another's negligence, have a personal injury lawyer investigate.

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Most likely no. You have to have suffered damages as a result of the wrong diagnoses.


Im haviing a hard time understanding your question. Are you asking about getting your medical condition treated and paid for as part of the car accident or making a claim against the doctors you saw for misdiagonosing your condition?

If you can prove that your injuries are related to the car accident you can seek the paymne Tod medical bills and compensation for your pain and suffering, future disability, etc from the responsible party. But this will require a doctor to document that your condition was caused or aggravated by the accident. To do so credibly, the doctor needs to know the facts of the accident, I.e., how serious it was, and what medical problems you have had since the accident. They will alos need to know any problems or treatment you had prior to the accident. Depending how long ago the accident happened and any gaps in treatment, some doctors will shy away from helping you because they don't like getting caught up in lawsuits.

You would be wise to consult with an attorney that concentrates in injury cases so you can better understand your legal rights. Since injury claims have time limits the sooner the better.

I do not handle medical malpractice cases so I cannot offer any advice on that aspect of your question.

Good luck

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