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Car accident and I failed to break, so I bumped the car in front pretty hard, then I tried to get away but I still pulled over

Harlingen, TX |

I got 2 citations FAIL TO CONTROL SPEED, and ACCIDENT INCLUDING DAMAGE TO VEHICLE <$200. I have a court date, and I was wondering will I get jail time for this ? Or will I just pay? I have no I idea I'm new to this, I'm scared

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Unlikely that you will be looking at jail time unless you have a prior record, but you should consult a local attorney as soon as possible for more accurate advice.



Thanks and yes it's my first offense, okay I'll do that asap. Thanks again.

Julia E. Simmons

Julia E. Simmons


I disagree, Hit and Run charges can carry considerable amount of jail time depending what state the defendant is in. In addition, it's not the cop who files the charges that ultimately he'd be facing, it's the DA. Here, def got into an accident and didn't immediately stop instead began to flee from the scene and had a change of heart. Classic hit and run...


Since you were not ticketed for not having insurance, I guess you have insurance, right? If so, notify your insurance company immediately. They will contact the other driver, and if you get sued, they will provide you with a lawyer. You made a mistake, and those things happen. I'm glad you pulled over.


Hire a criminal defense attorney to fight the charges in court. You put this question under car accident. The attorney that answer are normally PI Civil attorneys, not criminal. You need a criminal defense attorney or DUI lawyer (Hit and Run and DUI go together like peas and carrots.. i know you're not DUI).

I am licensed attorney who focuses on Serious DUI Cases such a 2nd DUIs, 3rd DUIs, 4th DUIs, and Felony DUIs and DMV hearings. I also have much experience handling car accident cases. Although the information I provide is helpful, it is not legal advice. If your case is in California or Washington, you can call me for specific legal advice on your case free of charge. Although Avvo makes it clear to consumers that attorney answers to questions are for general purposes only and do not establish an attorney-client relationship, some attorneys prefer to add their own disclaimers to answers. You can set your custom disclaimer here and it will be automatically added to your answers. Do NOT include any direct solicitations or contact information.

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