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Car accident, my car was totaled, 5 car pileupThere were 3 cars ahead of me and the very 1st began to slow down to turn, so we

New Hartford, NY |

all began to slow down and practically braked completely. the pick up truck behind me rammed into my small car which caused my car to fly forward into the car in front of me, etc. involving 5 cars total. My car was the only one completely totaled as it was practically squished between the car in front of me and in the back. This is the third week that I'm still waiting for his insurance to decide liability. I got the police report 7 days after the accident faxed it to my insurance and the guys insurance, it has the statements of all 5 drivers involved and then the officer wrote that it is the guys fault behind me for the whole accident. His insurance is waiting for him to call and make statement and 2 others, I have no rental nothing until they do can I speed this up???

They say I can get a rental and then when they decide liability if i have the receipts saved I can be reimbursed but I don't want to risk that. I feel because the guy behind me barely had any damage to his truck besides maybe a scratch he's avoiding calling his insurance, and that the 2 cars in front of the car in front of me barely had much they probably aren't rushing to call his insurance to make a statement either. I've never been in an accident before and this guy wasn't paying attention at all and i feel like I shouldn't have to wait a month to have a rental car and money for my car.. They sent someone from his insurance to look at my car and decided it was totaled and I can't get money for that or anything until the liability is confirmed. It's so aggravating because this guy is probably trying to avoid calling his insurance at all costs, and in the mean time I'm struggling to get to school and work and everything else for an accident that wasn't even my fault!!!!

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If you have collision coverage press your carrier to pay and subrogate against the other carrier.

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Thank you but I don't have collision coverage for that car.


If you have insurance coverage for your damages, ask your carrier to make payment pending resolution of fault.


Consult with an attorney for help. An attorney can help investigate the wreck and potentially work with an investigator to get statements from the various witnesses. Good luck.

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