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Car Accid in outof state

Minneapolis, MN |

I have an accident in out of state where I am staying for more than 3 months without changing the vehicle registration and DL. Does my insurance policy cover the incident? I am having full coverage with high coverage limits. Only thing I did not change because I have to go back to my initial state in a month. Please advice me about my insurance coverage in this situation.

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You would need to review your insurance policy and several other factors. If you have a residence in MN it would help

Good luck.

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Check the terms of your policy.

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The terms for notification contained in your policy will dictate.

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If you have not permanently moved, you should not have an issue with your insurance. Be sure to report the incident to your carrier and cooperate with their investigation. I suggest you not volunteer information, but truthfully answer any questions that are posed to you.

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Although I agree with the other attorneys, I think it would be best to sit down with an experienced injury lawyer to determine what rights you have under your insurance policy. Minnesota is a state that requires No-Fault coverage (which would provide for wage loss and medical bills to be paid regardless of fault). You are also dealing with potential conflicting laws regarding state minimum insurance coverage (though you indicate that you have high coverage limits).

In Minnesota, it is pretty standard for injury lawyers to provide free consultations. Call someone and set up an appointment!